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Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy provides fast pain relief

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Headache & Migraine


Studies show that chiropractic can reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of headaches.


Car Accidents


Why care is so important after accidents

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Dr. David DeFries D.C.

Your pain...

It hasn't gone away has it? Maybe you tried stretching to reduce your back pain or turned to Advil to ease your neck discomfort. You changed your pillow, bought new shoes and are one restless night from buying an expensive new mattress, all with the hope that the pain will go away.

I understand your pain. My family has been practicing chiropractic in Delaware County for over seventy five years and throughout that time we have helped thousands of patients to get out of pain. By combining the tried and true methods of physical medicine with the cutting edge technology of laser therapy,  the source of the pain and the pain itself are treated which leads to a more stable and long lasting response. Ready to begin feeling better? Click here to schedule online (easiest) or reach us by phone 610-494-0412