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Why you should request your xray, CT or MRI images on a CD

One of the unfortunate turns healthcare has taken is a deviation away from basic fundamentals. Despite the advances in technology, the reading of diagnostic imaging is one area that has suffered.

In the past, tests were ordered to confirm a diagnosis based on the patient's presenting symptoms, their history and objective findings. Other than in a hospital setting, imaging was quite often performed in the doctor's office and interpreted by the same provider who ordered the test.
The doctor knew what he was looking for or trying to rule out based on speaking with the patient and the examination.
Over time, and through the influence of insurance companies, most stand alone offices and clinics got rid of their xray equipment as many plans forced the patients to use a particular hospital or facility.
What resulted was radiologist reading films who had little to no information about the patient and relied on only what they see on a the imaging.
Previously, when an imaging prescription was issued, a detailed history was included in order to provide information to the person interpreting the studies. As I have seen and learned from radiologists, quite often this information is missing or sparse.
They may be looking at a neck xray and the only thing they are told is " neck pain" which doesn't tell them where it hurts, when it hurts or for how long they have been in pain.
They know nothing about the patient as far as their occupation, health history or overall physical condition.
Due to the lack of information, they issue a report to the ordering doctor which usually focuses on structural findings such as ruling out tumors, fractures or deformities.
While it is important to point these out, a great percentage of people presenting with conditions in which xrays are ordered are doing so because of biomechanical problems which may or may not show up along with structural concerns.
In fact, we are all taught the ABC'S of xray reading:
Alignment: How do the bones align with each other
Bone: Are there fractures, subluxations, dislocations, osteopenia, tumors, degeneration ect.
Cartilage: Are the joint spaces compromised
Soft Tissue: Is there selling or calcification of tissue?
I am seeing an alarming decrease in the frequency of adequate xray reports being issued from local area hospitals. Far too often, the reports downplay joint and disc degeneration as well as gross abnormal alignments.
The quality of reports I receive vary widely between not only the facility in which the xrays were taken but also by the radiologists reading them. I have read reports from Riddle hospital which were so detailed, I called the radiologist and thanked her but have also called complaining about key findings being overlooked or underreported.
This is why I always ask my patients to request a CD of their imaging. Many providers are part of a hospital network and can access imaging online but given the numerous groups in the area, not every provider has access to every network. I personally can view images online through the Crozer system but not Mainline Health or Christiana.
By having the CD, your doctor or any specialist you may see can view the images and, most importantly, show them to you and explain what is going on. Additionally, should something happen in the future, you will have an image of that body part and a report from which to refer.
Many people are turning to urgent care centers who may perform xrays there at the facility. If their issues require additional care, having the imaging in hand may reduce the need and cost of duplicative imaging.
There are many fantastic radiologists, techs and providers caring for patients in the area but the current state of healthcare has convoluted the process so much that I am concerned about the quality of care being provided at times.

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5 Mistakes people make when searching for a chiropractor tried to show my father how Google works at dinner last night. I was trying to explain to him how patients use the internet to find pizza, current news and healthcare providers. My father practiced back when people went to phone books to find businesses and everyone read the advertisements in one or two newspapers. He has a hard time understanding how the internet works and how people use it for almost everything. I typed in "chiropractor 19014" and showed him how my office is listed on Google maps along with several other chiropractors in the area.  As I was explaining to him how there are paid ads, reviews, websites, blogs, Facebook pages and so many other areas of the internet that contain information for people inquiring about a chiropractor, he just shook his head and said " seems like a lot of work".
Yes, sometimes it is " a lot of work".
When a new patient comes to the office I ask them how they found us. I always hope to hear that they were referred by another patient or that they read one of my posts and quite often those reasons are given but I also hear, too much, that they searched " chiropractor near me" and I was the closest, and this saddens me because there are a number of things people should be thinking about when they look for a chiropractor and by expanding their search, they may find themselves unhappy with their choice. Below are some common mistakes people make:

Bypassing reviews: I enjoy hearing from my patients regarding what they like about my practice. I don't "like" hearing about the things they don't like but I need to hear these things because I want to make it the best experience that I can. Reading reviews can help you to learn what patients think and not just what the doctor feels is important. Perhaps you left a doctor in the past because you didn't find that he listens to you or that you spent more time in the waiting room than the treatment room. If a practice has enough reviews that you can see a common theme, most likely you are going to have a similar experience.

Not searching for "chiropractor + (your problem): If you Google " auto repair" you would get general results such as collision centers, auto parts stores and service stations which wouldn't all help if you were needing your transmission fixed.  Similarly, goggling " transmission" would yield transmission repair centers but also numerous other definitions and uses of transmissions. "chiropractor + sciatica" or " chiropractor + headaches" may help narrow down your results to someone who has experience with your particular complaint.

Leaving out your financial concerns: Does the chiropractor accept your health insurance and are they in network or out? Do they offer wellness packages, payment plans or accept credit cards? While finances should not be the sole reason you use to decide on a service or provider, the cost and ability to pay for care has to be taken into account.


Overlooking convenience: Does the chiropractor have hours that suit you? Do they have adequate parking, a handicapped bathroom, weekend appointments or online scheduling? Many conditions require frequent visits and any complication in you being able to follow your care plan can delay your progress. If you have a 9 to 5 job, you may find it difficult to get to your chiropractor if they close at 5 or 6 and are not open on weekends. Their office may be open later, but traffic or your distance from the office may prevent you from getting there without rushing.

Not looking over their website: Earlier I emphasized reading reviews to learn what patients think but getting a look at what the doctor thinks is important is also necessary. Chiropractors use many different techniques and procedures to treat patients and their website should give you n idea of what to expect. Do they perform manual manipulations? ( not all chiropractors adjust the spine manually) , do they focus mainly on supplements and nutrition? Do they offer laser therapy? Is there practice focused on pain relief as well as correcting the problem? Many clinics are injury oriented meaning they treat mostly car accidents and work injuries. If you were hit from behind yesterday these clinics can help but if you have a chronic complaint that has bothered you for months, they may not be the place to go. Given that nearly everyone refers to the internet for information, a chiropractic office that doesn't utilize their website or Facebook page to keep the public and their patients informed is, frankly, behind the times. Many chiropractic offices offer the ability to complete your forms online or to download them to be completed before your appointment. My office offers online scheduling so appointments can be made at the patients convenience. A website should not only act as the modern day Yellow Page ad, it should also be a source of information.

Hopefully this post will help you make an informed decision when searching for a chiropractor.

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Difficulty sleeping? Try hypnosis videos.


When I was nineteen years old I was involved in a car accident in which I suffered a brain injury which lead to several sleep disorders. My sleep schedule was erratic and when I did sleep, my lucid dreaming and restless brain would make getting a good night sleep extremely rare. 
I tired everything: sleep studies, medication, supplements...and nothing ever really seemed to work until I discovered hypnosis videos on Youtube. 
For the first few weeks I would often still be awake when the videos would finish so I started watching longer videos and searched for ones that caused me to drift off faster. I found that there are several different types of videos on Youtube that help me to not only relax and sleep:

Sleep Talk Down: A voice walks you through the relaxation process and can address issues that may be causing you stress or anxiety.

Music: Soothing music plays with no voice instructions.

Sound Effects: Rain, thunder, ocean waves or maybe even airplanes.

Delta waves: Artificial sounds which simulate sleep associated brain waves.

It is important to experiment and find which ones work for you. Do not expect instant results and keep at it as eventually you may find that your brain learns that it is okay to take a break and let you rest. After listening to the videos a few times a week for several months, I no longer need them to fall asleep but I do occasionally watch them for stress relief. 

Below are some of my favorites:


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What is the best pillow for side sleepers?

Patients frequently ask what is the best pillow to use if they sleep on their side. I often explain that neck discomfort during sleep is more related to every day activities and posture than it is to sleeping position but proper support is needed during sleep in order to reduce stress on the neck.

There have been few studies which examined pillows but one did find something that we always knew: feather pillows are the worst for you!

Pillow use: the behaviour of cervical pain, sleep quality and pillow comfort in side sleepers.

"This study provides evidence to support recommendation of rubber pillows in the management of waking cervical pain, and to improve sleep quality and pillow comfort. The rubber pillow performed better than subjects' own pillow in most instances. Subjects' own pillow performed similarly to foam and polyester pillows, and there is no evidence that the use of a foam contour pillow has advantages over the regular shaped pillows. Feather pillows should not be recommended."

Although less than 1% of the population is allergic to latex, it is important to make sure you are not one of them before you buy a rubber pillow as many are made from latex.

best pillow for sleep chiropractor 19014‚Äč


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Dr. David DeFries is now an Aetna network Chiropractor

Several years ago Aetna outsourced chiropractic benefits to a very restrictive third party.This resulted in many chiropractors leaving the network in protest. I am happy to say that they have changed their policy and I am one again an Aetna in network provider. 

Each plan is different and as such all Aetna subscribers should familiarize themselves with their coverage. Many Aetna plans have deductibles, co pays and visit limitations. 

Please visit the New Patient Guide for suggestions. 

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Snowback Tuesday ( and Thursday )

Winter has finally come to our area in the form of low temperatures, snow and ice which all can lead to aches, pains, soreness and strains. Minor aches often resolve on their own but moderate to severe conditions (pain rated 4-10 on a scale of 1 to 10) or pain that radiates into the leg or arm signify a more serious injury.

High Power Laser Therapy decreases pain and inflammation while speeding up the ability of the tissue to heal. It does not cut or burn, rather it produces a warm, soothing sensation. There are no side effects associated with this treatment.

In anticipation of an increase in acute back, neck and shoulder injuries as a result of the snowstorm, we are offering an introductory special this Tuesday and Thursday only ( 1/26/16 & 1/27/16).

One unit of laser therapy for just $25 including examination.

( laser ordinarily $50 as a one time stand alone service)

Should examination findings warrant additional treatment or diagnostic testing those options will be discussed. Additional fees will apply to treatment other than laser.

 A limited number of spots are available.


Welcome Chester residents


The DeFries family of chiropractors have been treating families from Chester Pa. for over seventy years. The first DeFries chiropractor was William who was followed by his son David who also practiced in Chester until expanding to a larger office in Brookhaven. Many of the patients residing in Chester, Pa. followed Dr. DeFries even when he moved to Aston where he was joined by Dr. David DeFries Jr in 2003. 
Dr. David DeFries Jr. opened his chiropractic office in Boothwyn early in 2007 and continued to treat patients who had started with his father in Chester Pa. back in the 1960's.
After moving his practic within All Pro Chiropractic on 322 in Aston, Dr. DeFries has had the pleasure of reconnecting with some of his familys former patients from Chester Pa and welcomes new and returning patients to visit the office should they require chiropractic care or treatment for car accidents, work comp or any other injury.


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