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Difficulty sleeping try hypnosis videos


When I was nineteen years old I was involved in a car accident in which I suffered a brain injury which lead to several sleep disorders. My sleep schedule was erratic and when I did sleep, my lucid dreaming and restless brain would make getting a good night sleep extremely rare. 
I tired everything: sleep studies, medication, supplements...and nothing ever really seemed to work until I discovered hypnosis videos on Youtube. 
For the first few weeks I would often still be awake when the videos would finish so I started watching longer videos and searched for ones that caused me to drift off faster. I found that there are several different types of videos on Youtube that help me to not only relax and sleep:

Sleep Talk Down: A voice walks you through the relaxation process and can address issues that may be causing you stress or anxiety.

Music: Soothing music plays with no voice instructions.

Sound Effects: Rain, thunder, ocean waves or maybe even airplanes.

Delta waves: Artificial sounds which simulate sleep associated brain waves.

It is important to experiment and find which ones work for you. Do not expect instant results and keep at it as eventually you may find that your brain learns that it is okay to take a break and let you rest. After listening to the videos a few times a week for several months, I no longer need them to fall asleep but I do occasionally watch them for stress relief. 

Below are some of my favorites:


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