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Ignoring a leaky roof

Chiropractic is a physical medicine. While chiropractors are known for "cracking", many other techniques and treatments are offered in order to not only treat the symptoms but to reduce the underlying factors that may be contributing to the patients disease.

Yes, I said disease.  A disease is, by definition, a "condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally."  Not being able to bend over is a symptom of a condition. The pain associated is a sign of the condition. The cause of the condition may be a strained muscle in the low back. This low back pain is caused by a strain which prevents the body from working normally. 

A few years ago I was at a friends house when I noticed a paver block in his wall was a different color than the others. I had been there several times throughout the summer and didn't notice the odd block before. I asked him what had happened to the block and he explained " When it rains the water leaks down off the roof and lands on the block and eventually loosens it and it slides off and cracks, so I have to buy another one." So in this case, the broken paver was both the sign and the symptom of the condition which was a leak. The disease was the improper draining of the roof, not faulty paver blocks and until he fixed the cause, the symptoms would continue.

Unfortunately we can not just go out and buy a new back. If my friend never fixes the leak in his roof the surrounding blocks may become loose and fall also. He may need to buy two blocks next month then three, four and then rebuild the whole wall.

If he would just redirect the water, the wall would not degenerate as quickly. The elements will continue to put pressure on the wall and there is no guarantee that it will stay perfect forever, but it is guaranteed that if he does nothing, the block will break.

While some joints can be replaced, the procedures are not without risk, cost or guarantees. Parts of the spine can be fused or removed and some nerves can be blocked, burned away or sedated but these "fixes" often do not address the causes, only the symptoms.

Properly diagnosing the condition, prescribing a treatment which not only provides for less discomfort but also reduces the chances of future flare ups and complications is necessary to reduce disease and allow the body and mind to work normally.

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