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A taste of my own medicine

Last Sunday night I started to feel a pain in my right lower back. I had been walking earlier that day in the park and I wore shoes that I had not worn in a few years, in fact I think I had only worn them a few times back then. By Monday morning my back was really hurting me and sleeping was difficult. I started to think back to what events could have contributed to my back hurting. Wearing different shoes most likely ill not cause the strain and joint irritation that I was experiencing unless there was an underlying condition prior to the walking. Then I realized that for the past two weeks I had been feeling pain in my right heel and even some in my knee.  I have been sleeping on the couch more because it is cooler downstairs 
I could have spent all day trying to find a singular cause of my pain but the truth was that it didn't matter WHY I was hurting. Had I fallen out of a tree, landed on my hand and then experienced swelling and pain in the hand, well then it would be easy to assume that I broke or sprained my limb. But this wasn't a clear cut case; it was a gradual onset which was made worse by one event which, In itself, was most likely unimportant. It was the straw that broke the doctors back.

So by Tuesday morning the pain was serious and limited my movement. I called a friend to come to the office and apply my laser to my low back and treat me with a special little "muscle jackhammer" to reduce the spasms. I felt much better a few hours later and had some pain during the night.

On Wednesday morning I had her come in again and repeat the procedures and then at lunch I went and got adjusted. By Wednesday evening I felt fine and the pain has not returned.

Would the pain have gone away without treatment? Maybe....but if it did, most likely it would return and with it an increase in the knee and foot pain. Treating conditions as soon as possible is the key to reducing he pain and, more importantly, reducing scar formation and degeneration.

Chiropractors are human too..we hurt and sometimes we try to ignore it like everyone else. I like feeling pain ( once in a while) because it reminds me of the frustration and agony my patients present with and better allows me understand their expectations.

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