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What is the best pillow to use for side sleepers

Patients frequently ask what is the best pillow to use if they sleep on their side. I often explain that neck discomfort during sleep is more related to every day activities and posture than it is to sleeping position but proper support is needed during sleep in order to reduce stress on the neck.

There have been few studies which examined pillows but one did find something that we always knew: feather pillows are the worst for you!

Pillow use: the behaviour of cervical pain, sleep quality and pillow comfort in side sleepers.

"This study provides evidence to support recommendation of rubber pillows in the management of waking cervical pain, and to improve sleep quality and pillow comfort. The rubber pillow performed better than subjects' own pillow in most instances. Subjects' own pillow performed similarly to foam and polyester pillows, and there is no evidence that the use of a foam contour pillow has advantages over the regular shaped pillows. Feather pillows should not be recommended."

Although less than 1% of the population is allergic to latex, it is important to make sure you are not one of them before you buy a rubber pillow as many are made from latex.

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