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Treatment for car accident injury

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Car accidents , or motor vehicle accidents (MVA), remain a frequent cause of traumatic injury to the neck and low back. Even minor collisions, especially head on on rear end collisions, can result in injury. It is not uncommon for those involved in a car accident to not feel pain immediately after the accident but to report discomfort two to three days later. 

The first week following an acute injury is a critical period and it is important for a proper examination to b performed in order to evaluate the extent of the injury. According to the study: Chronic neck pain and whiplash: A case-control study of the relationship between acute whiplash injuries and chronic neck pain, researchers reported that the leading cause of chronic neck pain was prior motor vehicle accident injuries : "it reasonable to infer that a significant proportion of individuals with chronic neck pain in the general population were originally injured in a motor vehicle accident." This finding underscores the importance of early and adequate treatment for injuries resulting from car accidents.

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