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Gift Card- Chiropractic, Laser, Shockwave

Give a gift card and a Devour Desserts sampler box

Do you know someone who would benefit from care and would enjoy mobile visits which would come to their home or work?

Go Chiro Mobile cards are available to cover the cost of the first visit or for a comprehensive care package that covers the initial exam and treatment and 5 additional visits which include all treatments (manipulation, myofascial release, laser, and shockwave therapy.

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Order by Thursday 12/22 and they (or you!) will also get a box of delicious Devour Desserts samplers.
These little snacks are quite tasty and can be delivered to either the future patient or to you ( I promise not to tell) as long as you purchase the card by Thursday and the delivery address is within the areas serviced.

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What they get

  • Great care which is prepaid
  • Amazing sweets
  • Both brought to their home or work

What you get

  • The joy of helping others
  • Maybe the desserts (?)
  • Multi-patient discount appointments

The card can be used for whatever services are available. After each visit the normal charges will apply and will be deducted from the balance on the card.

If a new patient has pain that is moderate to severe, a chronic problem, or radiating pain, the fee for recommended first visit is $100 as additional time will be spent during the history and examination.

A new patient who reports mild to moderate discomfort associated with a recent condition or who desired maintenance care should opt for the focused visit which has a fee of $80

If laser therapy or shockwave treatment is appropriate, they will be performed on the first visit.

Sure!  Using a card yourself saves you %10 and also gives you the pastries.
Going forward, you would just use the card to pay for your visits.  

After the purchase of a card, you will be contacted (text or call) to get the contact information of whom the card was purchased for and they will be called on an agreed-upon date so the surprise isn't ruined.

The card does not have to be purchased for only new patients.  You are free to buy visits for an existing patient also.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, including but not limited to:

  • I'd like to learn more about shockwave or laser therapy
  • The person I am buying for doesn't live in the covered area but I'd like them to be seen
  • I have other questions

Please text or call 610-494-0412.

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