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Gout treatment with laser medicine

Gout (also referred to as gouty arthritis) is a painful form of arthritis caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints and tendons. Gout can affect many joints such as the ankle, knee, digits and spine with the most frequent location of symptoms being the big or 1st toe. Gout may be associated with renal disease, diabetes, obesity, leukemia and also the result of the use of diuretics.

In the early stages of gout, the flare ups may be spread out over months and as the disease progresses these painful events often increase in both frequency and intensity. According to the study: Gout—Current Diagnosis and Treatment , after the first onset of pain is noticed : "treatment of gouty arthritis should be followed by determination of the cause of hyperuricemia, and long-term treatment to lower the uric acid level is usually necessary. The goal of treatment is to diminish the body‘s stores of uric acid crystal deposits and thereby to prevent the inflammatory processes that they cause".

High Power Laser Medicine is an extremely effective way to manage gout pain during a flare up and according to the study Photobiomodulation of pain and inflammation in microcrystalline arthropathies: "Both laser therapy and diclofenac ( a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) achieved rapid pain relief in patients with acute gouty arthritis without significant differences in efficacy. Laser therapy was more effective than diclofenac in patients with chronic pyrophosphate arthropathy and in patients with chronic apatite deposition disease"

This study showed that the laser treatment decreased inflammation which was measured by blood tests and that it also was more effective than the drug in treating chronic gouty conditions.

It is important to be properly diagnosed when experiencing joint pain as many different conditions present with similar symptoms. Once the diagnosis of gout has been made, all conservative and dietary measures should be taken to reduce the crystal formation in the joints and to slow the progression of the disease. 

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If you are suffering from a flare up of your gout, High Power Laser Therapy is available to quickly reduce your discomfort. 

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