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Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulder area may be the result of an acute one time injury or a chronic condition which has resulted from repetitive use. Pain in the should region may come from problems in the neck also. 

Most patients presenting with shoulder pain do not report a specific causes such as a fall but rather have noticed the pain increase over a period of time. They note that they have discomfort with certain movements and often complain of a loss of strength in the shoulder, arm or hand.

Frequently, the cause of the pain is attributed to bad posture and overuse of the shoulder area. An old injury which did not heal properly may contribute to the chronic problem. 

A key sign of shoulder dysfunction is not being able to raise the arm above the shoulder or scratch the back. 

Laser therapy along with mobilization of the neck and shoulder has been shown to rapidly improve shoulder conditions that are not the result of moderate or complete tears of ligaments or tendons. Patients undergoing these procedures typically shows significant improvement within a week and report increased mobility and decreased pain quite often by the fifth visit. 

It is important to understand what structures are involved and also what is putting the stress on these structures so that the underlying cause of the pain is addressed. Hot packs, ice and pain medication do not address the cause and this may lead to deterioration of the tissue and a worsening of the problem.

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