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Neck Pain Relief

Patients frequently seek a chiropractor for treatment of neck pain or stiffness. Neck pain symptoms may include:

  • Sharp pain which radiates into the head and causes headaches
  • Stiffness in one or both sides of the neck
  • Neck muscle spasms
  • Difficulty or neck pain when turning the neck, looking down or looking up
  • Pain, burning or pins and needles shooting into the arm or shoulder
  • Numbness, tingling, pain or burning radiating into the upper back
  • Soreness or ache in the neck when the weather changes
  • Neck pain after activity
  • Neck pain when sleeping or when waking up

When a patient presents with neck pain, the following factors are important in assessing the cause:

  • When did the pain in the neck start? ( yesterday, two weeks ago, years ago)
  • Was there an accident or activity which caused the neck pain? ( car acident, work injury, sports injury)
  • What does it feel like? ( sharp, sore, burning, stiff)
  • Does the pain radiate? ( into the arm, hand, head or back)
  • What makes the neck pain better? What makes it worse?
  • What normal activities are affected by the pain?
  • Is there a history of injury or other medical conditions?

Once the history of the complaint is discussed, an examination will be performed which will look at the following:

  • Resting posture ( is the head tilted to one side, is one shoulder higher than the other, is the head tilted)
  • The curve of the neck and low back
  • The range of motion of the neck and spine
  • Which structures are affected ( muscles, soft tissue, joints, nerves)
  • Strength, reflexes and sensation dysfunction

Additional tests may be required such as x-rays, MRI, EMG or lab work if examination findings warrant

Once the history, examination and additional tests are completed and it is found that chiropractic treatment is appropriate, a treatment plan is created which often will address the following:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation: Reducing the neck pain is the reason patients present for care and initial treatment will target the pain and also decrease the inflammation of the involved tissue
  • Restore proper motion of the spine and extremities
  • Remove or reduce subluxations

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