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Snowback Tuesday Special

Winter has finally come to our area in the form of low temperatures, snow and ice which all can lead to aches, pains, soreness and strains. Minor aches often resolve on their own but moderate to severe conditions (pain rated 4-10 on a scale of 1 to 10) or pain that radiates into the leg or arm signify a more serious injury.

High Power Laser Therapy decreases pain and inflammation while speeding up the ability of the tissue to heal. It does not cut or burn, rather it produces a warm, soothing sensation. There are no side effects associated with this treatment.

In anticipation of an increase in acute back, neck and shoulder injuries as a result of the snowstorm, we are offering an introductory special this Tuesday and Thursday only ( 1/26/16 & 1/27/16).

One unit of laser therapy for just $25 including examination.

( laser ordinarily $50 as a one time stand alone service)

Should examination findings warrant additional treatment or diagnostic testing those options will be discussed. Additional fees will apply to treatment other than laser.

 A limited number of spots are available.