Cost of care vs Cost of pain

According to the Mayo Clinic the top 5 reasons people visit a doctor are:

1. Skin disorders, including cysts, acne and dermatitis.
2. Joint disorders, including osteoarthritis.
3. Back problems.
4. Cholesterol problems.
5. Upper respiratory conditions.
6. Anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression.
7. Chronic neurologic disorders.
8. High blood pressure.
9. Headaches and migraines.
10. Diabetes.

Many of these conditions are chronic problems which may have been reduced or prevented with care.

Cost of care remains the leading reason for not seeking treatment. The rising cost of health insurance premiums, copays and deductiles has dramtically risen which often forces people to suffer and quite often worsen. This combined with the tendency to treat symptoms with drugs had lead to an increase in chronic conditions and a rise in not only insurance costs but also those seeking disability benefits.


Because of the stress of everyday life and the percived cost of care, the true value of care is often overlooked. To understand the value of preventative, mainenance or acute care, we must look at the cost associated with not reciving the care.

An acute complaint is one that has been experienced for less than three months. Generally an acute complaint is related to a new injury or new condition. Within three months, the tissue has progressed through the normal course of healing and if pain continues it is a sign of improper healing or of a deeper problem