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Many new patients report that referrals from friends and family led them to our office, but a growing number also found the practice through online reviews. Patient reviews are fantastic because they often address concerns and expectations that are shared by many people new to chiropractic. I appreciate the feedback and hope it helps others.


Best Chiropractor 19014Myself and my family have been seeing Dr. Defries for years. He is amazing! I get bad migraines often and getting treatment makes a huge difference! The first thing I want to do when I feel a migraine coming on is call Dr. Dave. The laser therapy is great. Highly recommended! Lee Pasc

Best Chiropractor 19014Excellent service and great environment highly recommend. Timothy Markert

Best Chiropractor 19014I went to Dr. DeFries with shoulder and back pain and also 3 of my 5 fingers on my right hand were numb. After the initial consultation he let me know that this was not going to be a quick fix it would take time, but he could make the pain go away. I went back for a few months, a couple times a week getting adjustments, laser therapy and traction. At first I was skeptical but thought I would give it a shot to get rid of the pain. Dave did not only do the work he also took the time to educate me on how the spine and all nerves attached work and function together. He was also willing to take the time and stop and answer any questions or concerns that I had. I am glad I stuck it out and went the course of the treatment with Dr. DeFries. After 3 months of treatment the pain was gone and I was able to feel and use all of the fingers on my right hand. To me Dr. Defries is a miracle worker and I am pain free. I would recommend him to anyone who has a problem and needs to see a Chiropractor.
Thank you Dr. DeFries for getting me pain free!! Jonathan Bromley

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. Defries is the best! I have only been seeing him for less than a month and I already see a difference in the amount of pain I was in. He also is a very nice guy, you can tell he cares more about the patient, rather than the money, unlike most chiropractors. I would DEFINITELY recommend him, 5 stars just isn't enough for this guy, so if your in back pain, without a doubt he's your guy! =) Marie B

Best Chiropractor 19014Knows his stuff and makes sure that you have a full understanding about what needs to happen for recovery, makes sure you understand what is causing the pain/discomfort and that you understand what he is doing to correct it. I would recommend him to anyone. Cara Robichaud

Best Chiropractor 19014I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. DeFries on Sunday, April 3, 2016. I had suffered a bad fall, went into a WaWa to clean up, and Dr. DeFries just happened to be in the store at the time.

With no likelihood of personal gain for himself, he was nice enough to examine my leg, recommend that I get an X Ray, and lead me to a nearby Urgent Care center. He stayed with me the entire time I was there, examined the X Rays, and gave me his own professional input on my condition and possible course of action.

While i was not a "patient" of his in the formal sense, I can say that the man is a consummate professional. More importantly, he possesses integrity and a sense of humanity too commonly lacking in today's medical practitioners.

In my book Dr. DeFries is tops.  Patrick Thomson

Best Chiropractor 19014I recognize that the source of an opinion is as important as the msg itself, so I better begin to say that I am a senior citizen who takes no drugs and is always skeptical of treatments. as an engineer, i like to understand what and why something is being done to me. With that being said, Dr David DeFries has met my needs and concerns fully on my first visit. John I

Best Chiropractor 19014Just about everyone thinks of a chiropractor when they have back pain. I didn't realize that they could also address issues in other areas until I visited Dr. Defries. I sustained nerve damage to my arm during surgery and was becoming increasingly frustrated when medications and PT were not working. I took a leap of faith and made an appointment with "Dr. Dave" to attempt laser treatment on the area. I didn't expect it to work but had nothing to lose at that point. Surprisingly, my symptoms began improving with each visit and very soon the issue had completely resolved. I've referred quite a few friends since then and all are equally happy with the treatment he provides. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Colleen Bell

chiropractor aston best 19014Dr. DeFries is amazing! He has worked with my all over pain to eliminate it and determine the root cause. He has taught me how to do exercises and taping on my own to help prevent acute flair ups and decrease the need to visit him. Dr. DeFries listened to my specific needs and has always spent as much time as necessary treating them with a variety of methods to determine the best treatment. I recommend any one suffering from acute or long term pain give Dr. DeFries a call. You'll be amazed at the personal attention and relief you'll gain. Barbara  Mckee

chiropractor aston best 19014 Dr. DeFries did an excellent job of fixing my knee. At first I was skeptical that his new laser wouldn't help, however I am a true believer because I was totally rehabilitated and able to compete in the broad street run. Thank you Dr. DeFries. Danielle  Bellingham


Best Chiropractor 19014I have been to two other chiropractors over the last 4 years for physical therapy and repair of accident-related back injuries. Through various methods which never had any long-term effect, I never felt much better. Through a few visits with Dr. DeFries I have developed increasing mobility and balance. My injuries until now had been described to me improperly. Dr. DeFries manually adjusts different areas of my spine and uses one particular tool to manipulate certain muscles that otherwise give me hell. The treatments take around 45 minutes and are precise, not rushed. I never had the human body and its relationship with the spine and head explained so wholly before; was surprised to find how common it is to have one leg shorter than the other instead of the usual story about a herniated disc and having a "hip out". In addition, the office is well kept, in a easy-to-find (and park) location and Dr. DeFries is easy to approach and friendly. J Ematrages

Best Chiropractor 19014I came to Dr. Defries as a chronic migraine sufferer for the past 5 years. When I met with him, he was very friendly, informative, and professional. He took the time to explain both visually and through conversation what the problems might be that were causing my pain. To be sure he was giving the correct advice, as well as making the right adjustments, he also directed me to get an x-ray of the affected area done. Once all was said and done, he adjusted me for the first time. I have been migraine free ever since. He informed me from the start that I would either react right away, or over time, but was sure to explain what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Defries to anyone looking for a chiropractor in the area. Through his personal, professional, and informative approach to his craft, he makes you feel at home and like a part of his family. I could not have asked for a better experience or chiropractor. Michael  Howell

Best Chiropractor 19014I highly recommend Dr. Defries. He is an exceptional chiropractor who is extremely knowledgeable, professional-yet friendly, and he has flexible hours of operation... All of these qualities in one doctor have been nearly impossible for me to find until I began treatment here.   Google User


Best Chiropractor 19014I have been going to the Chiropractor since 1988. I can truly say that they do help a lot> When I first went I had a pain in my hip and it went down my leg, A neurosurgeon had me wearing a lift in my shoe (that did not help). I went to Dr. David's father, he looked at my x-ray's and told me I had a pinched nerve, he adjusted me several times and the pain was gone. I walked into the office with another incident after making my son's bed where I could not stand up, got adjusted was told to go home and walk. I got to the end of my street and did not think I was going to make it back to my house, got back sat down for a minute, got up and the pain was gone and I could stand up straight. I also get migraines every once in awhile ( I have learned when to get to the Chiropractor before it becomes a full blown migraine). Both of my children have been to see Dr. Dave since they were young children and they are now grown adults He has helped them very much (migraines and a curved back). So don't be afraid to go see a Chiropractor it only sounds like popcorn when he adjusts you LOL. Thanks Dr. Dave. Sherry Turek

Best Chiropractor 19014I love how Dr. Dave explains how everything works in your body and treats you as a whole. My pain is in one area but caused from a problem in another area so he treats both areas !! My son and I just love Dr. Dave. Brenda Anderson

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. Dave's helped me out after just one visit, Dr. Dave is very informative, helpful, and state of the art! His modern therapy laser helps blood flow, and loosen tight arthritic areas of the spine, I highly recommend for Spinal, and Cervical health maintenance Dr. Dave! He is very knowledgeable, and cares! Thanks Doc! Joe Tecce

Best Chiropractor 19014after suffering from chronic back pain for many years,i started with dr david for regular adjustments and now after several laser treatments,i only have to go every two weeks for adjustments.i feel so much better and highly recommend to try dr david defries,i'm so glad i did. Mary Harris

Best Chiropractor I know!! This guy has worked wonders on my back and well being overall! Dr. Dave is the BEST!!! Pj Clement

Best Chiropractor 19014I called and left a voicemail earlier today because of the pain i am in. He returned my call so fast and even Told me to meet him in an hour. Went way out of his way to help me. I'll never use another chiropractor again. He was the best I've dealt with. Eddie Allen

Best Chiropractor 19014Always professional and caring. Tanya McKnight

Best Chiropractor 19014Highly recommend Dr Dave DeFries especially if you have fibromyalgia. His laser treatments , heat therapy and adj are great and i get several days of relief from the burning pain. Carol Keithley

Best Chiropractor 19014My overall health has been improved with routine chiropractic care the past few years, not to mention that my back feels great! Dr. Dave is great...Can never thank him enough! Lisa Pensyl

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. Dave has helped me so much in the last few months. I started having issues moving around beginning early in my pregnancy. Please go see him if you are having any problems! Sue Widmer Bernard 

Best Chiropractor 19014Matthew Brzezicki

Best Chiropractor 19014. DeFries saw my daughter this weekend providing emergency services with no hesitation. He explained all that was going on with her - that the doctors at the ER didn't do - provided temporary pain relief and laser therapy and improved how she was feeling by 150%. If you ever need chiropractic care, this is the only doctor you should be seeing. Spring Kopituk 


Best Chiropractor 19014Excellent bed side manner, positive attitude and confidenance towards getting his patients better!! After only one session I felt relief after months of pain from a pinched nerve!! Jennifer Cellinesi 

Best Chiropractor 19014Best Chiropractor you can go to. Knowledgeable, friendly, caring. Explains everything. Shane Cullen

Best Chiropractor 19014DeAnna Lyn

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr Defries was very professional and friendly. He took the time to thoroughly explain my condition and treatment options and answered all my questions. Highly recommended. Tammy L Stoddart

Best Chiropractor 19014As an aging athlete pretty determined not to quit, having Dr. David DeFries to keep me healthy is critical! Four rowing races this weekend and I was more than a little bit wrecked - very sore back. ONE treatment with the laser and a skilled adjustment and I'm already 80% better. Thank goodness for Dr. Dave!

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr Defries is great. He really took his time to get to know what was wrong with me and got my back and knee back in shape! Plus the office is in a great location. Easy to schedule appointments. Desiree Brennan Kelly 

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr.David is the BEST chiropractor in DELCO...Thanx to him I found out about my rotator cuff tear,after going to Doctor appointments after doctor appointments..Thank you Dave for all you do...You're the best...Berta Monty

Best Chiropractor 19014I am a new patient of Dr. DeFries and I'm already SO happy with my decision to receive my chiropractic care from him. I am 30 weeks pregnant and went to him with some serious discomfort in my neck, back and hips. He was able to fit me into his schedule to get me some immediate relief. Dr. DeFries is very knowledgeable & thorough. He took the time to explain everything he was doing and made me feel relaxed and comfortable in his care. I would highly recommend Dr. DeFries to anyone looking for an experienced, genuine, no frills, caring professional! Amanda Stroup

Best Chiropractor 19014I am in my 4th week of treatment with Dr. DeFries. My recovery has been remarkable. Within a few days of my first visit, I was feeling significantly better. One week later I was able to run again, something I had not been able to do in months. I am very pleased with the results from both the laser treatment and adjustments. I had been to another chiropractor before, but the improvement took much longer (and was significantly more expensive) Dr. DeFries’ schedule is very flexible. Making an appointment is super easy online. If you are in pain, I recommend giving him a call. You won't be disappointed. Michele  Lhulier

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. David DeFries does not beat around the bush. He gives you his diagnosis and gives you treatment accordingly. My lower back and shoulder have suffered due to nearly 15 years of physical jobs. Since receiving his treatment my lower back is stronger and less stiff. My right shoulder had limited mobility and now I am able to move it freely with less pain. I highly recommend Dr. DeFries. John R

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr David provides pinpoint diagnosis and will work with you on changing what is needed to relieve the pain. He has provided me with one less stress pain and works with me to devise a plan or tasks to ensure I can deal with it in my daily life. I appreciate the professionalism and his demeanor. Well worth every visit as I continue to make improvements! JH

Best Chiropractor 19014

It was my very first time to see a chiropractor. Needless to say I was nervous. However Dr.DeFries completely put me at ease! I am already starting to feel a bit better just from one adjustment and I cannot wait to get back for another! This is one patient who will be a frequent flyer. Thank you so much Dr.Dave! Marlena Sciecinski 

Best Chiropractor 19014In just 3 visits, I feel so much better. Why did I wait so long to make an appointment? Carmine Fortunato 

Best Chiropractor 19014I have had Significant pain for over four years now due to herniated discs and nerve damage down my arm from cervical injury.. I have went to many orthopedic doctors, done physical therapy and was not getting the results that I expected. Orthopedic doctors think you have time to go to physical therapy all the time which I do not, then they want to give you pain meds and anti inflammatories which I do not like medication for it only masks the problem, it does not fix the chronic pain, so in time I only got worse where people were sick of hearing me complain, I think I was even sick of hearing me complain , so I finally decided to go to a chiropractor was very skeptical I will not lie for I did not think that just a few visits would make much of a difference, dr. David Defries explained everything that he could do for me at a very reasonable price, i explained to him my condition and set my appt., after he evaluated my spine he saw how tense and spazzed up the muscles were on the right side, so we did laser therapy and I had my neck and back adjusted. I am now in my third Session of laser and for the first time in over 4 years I have improved immensely With much more mobility in my neck / Less tingling down my arm to my fingers,and not waking up stiff ,the referred pain was even going into my shoulder but not anymore, i have not taken my anti inflammatories except for once in over 3 weeks now. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in chronic pain for I never thought I would see Results. I thought I was damaged forever ,thinking the left side of my body was going to feel my age even younger , for I am healthy overall but the right side felt debilitating, thanks again to His great knowledge in his work, i finally feel better and found hope! I will continue to go for laser therapy and my neck adjustment. Gabrielle Carletti

Best Chiropractor 19014He knows what to do
So thankful I found this guy!!!!!! Nina Crispin

Best Chiropractor 19014Happy I contacted Dr. David........feeling so much better after my visit today....chiropractic is the only thing that ever helped me, sorry I stayed away for so long!!! Leslie Radowill 

Best Chiropractor 19014I was recently in a car accident and the pain although tolerable was consistent. I am amazed at how quickly Dr. DeFries was able to locate the pain areas and start treating them. Night and weekend hours make it convenient to get the care I need to feel better. Pamela Campbell

Best Chiropractor 19014First visit today. Back tomorrow. I feel encouraged by Dr Defries explanations and treatment plan. Hopefully, more to follow ...  Beth A. Howlett 

Best Chiropractor 19014Fantastic Doctor! Very caring, and actually LISTENS to you. Christine Oliver-Sorton

Best Chiropractor 19014John Q Stamis

Best Chiropractor 19014Sophea Roth

Best Chiropractor 19014I was in a horrific accident that almost left me paralyzed. It will be two years in May that I have been suffering with pain. I also have been on narcotics for the same amount of time .. So for the first time in two years after three laser treatments, I am PAIN FREE!!!!! Dr. DrFries has changed my life. I now can be a mom again and do all the activities I couldn't do before due to the pain... Thank you ! You have changed my life !!!  Missy Ogborne Kinsler

Best Chiropractor 19014Carol Bossom Churchill 

Best Chiropractor 19014Pepper Janson 

Best Chiropractor 19014Katina Patmos

Best Chiropractor 19014Evelyn Rodriguez

Best Chiropractor 19014Jim Crothers Jr.

Best Chiropractor 19014If you're looking for an alternative and more wholistic way of dealing with pain, I suggest you make an appointment with Dr. DeFries. I've had a frozen shoulder since 2013 that never completely healed. Not only did I have limited, uncomfortable movement, but I awoke almost every morning with a headache. It would usually subside after being up for awhile, but not always. If I did yoga, I'd get a headache, if I lifted weights, I'd get a headache, if I did anything that worked my shoulder, I would end up with a headache. Dr. DeFries, wasn't the first chiropractor I went to, but he was the first who took the time to explain the mechanics of what was going on and prescribed the laser along with adjustments. I did as he prescribed. I have not a headache in five days. For those of you who don't suffer with them, you have no idea what that's worth. Oh, and by the way, the shoulder is feeling better also. Alexis Brown

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. DeFries is a phenomenal chiropractor with a great personality. I always feel 10x better after leaving his office. I'd highly recommend! Matt Kelley 

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. DeFries awesome!!!! Instead of saying " hey go buy new pillows" he explained I to replace my pillows to increase the circulation in my neck and arms to eliminate the tingling feeling in my fingers....makes sense. Demetrius Williams 

Best Chiropractor 19014Kurt Rossney

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr DeFries was awesome..spot on..best assessment I've ever had, I have been going to Chiropractors since I was a kid and think they are an asset to our Healthcare field.His bedside manner was calming, professional and he is down to Earth. After 1 visit I got pain relief and look forward to more progress. Leah Hoopes

Best Chiropractor 19014I drive an hour to see Dr. DeFries. Why? Because he is an excellent Doctor and sends me on way feeling much better than when I walked in the door! Kevin Phillips


Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. Dave has helped me so much in the last few months. I started having issues moving around beginning early in my pregnancy. Please go see him if you are having any problems!" Review by SB

"Highly recommend Dr Dave DeFries especially if you have fibromyalgia. His laser treatments , heat therapy and adj are great and i get several days of relief from the burning pain." Review by CK

Best Chiropractor 19014A few years back, I was a client of Dr DeFries for back and foot problems. What separates him from the many chiropractors I’ve seen over many years is how many areas of expertise he has. Most are just graduates of a chiropractic college. He has extensive education in human physiology, kinetics and exercise therapy so he has much more to give you than the usual chiropractor. And speaking personally I’ve had 2 chiropractors just recently hurt me because they incorrectly diagnosed the problem and therefore took the wrong corrective action. 
He is also there for you during off hours if something unexpected happens. 
I have now returned to him and see no reason to move on again. I am getting too old and need to be careful. I can tell you without hesitation that you will feel better with his care." Review by KL

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr. DeFries was extremely knowledgeable and personable. His treatment and recommendations helped to improve a great deal. I would highly recommend Dr. DeFries to friends and family.” Review by  NK

Best Chiropractor 19014I called and left a voicemail earlier today because of the pain i am in. He returned my call so fast and even Told me to meet him in an hour. Went way out of his way to help me. I'll never use another chiropractor again. He was the best I've dealt with." Review by EA

Best Chiropractor 19014Best Chiropractor I know!! This guy has worked wonders on my back and well being overall! Dr. Dave is the BEST!!!" Review by PC

Best Chiropractor 19014Dr Defries was very professional and friendly. He took the time to thoroughly explain my condition and treatment options and answered all my questions. Highly recommended." review by TS

Best Chiropractor 19014Best Chiropractor you can go to. Knowledgeable, friendly, caring. Explains everything." Review by SC


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