Dr. David DeFries

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Preparing for your visit

  • All individuals planning to participate in the group visit must be present or nearby
  • Patients will need to complete the intake form below prior to being seen.
  • If directed by the host, individuals will also need to complete the waiver 
  • Please wear loose-fitting clothing if possible. area.

During the visit

  • Physical medicine often requires addressing and contact with areas some deem sensitive. Dr. DeFries is keenly aware of this and acts accordingly. Should you, at any time, feel uncomfortable, please alert Dr. DeFries so that particular treatment can be stopped.
  • Be aware that it is common for some treatments to cause tenderness, bruising, redness, or soreness. If you experience any unusual symptoms after treatment please contact Dr. DeFries immediately.
  • Some hosts and participants choose to be seen in a group setting while some individuals prefer to be seen privately and will be accommodated if a private space is available. 

Chiropractic intake form : All Participants Complete