Bringing CARE back to healthcare

Get personalized care at home, at work or wherever needed.

This new model affords you the convenience of exceptional and personalized care at the time and location of your choosing.

What does this mean for you?
  • You can choose from daytime, early evening and even weekend appointments
  • You can receive care where you live, work, and play!
Services are offered throughout Delaware County and portions of Southeastern Chester County.

Offices Are So 2000'S !

Mobile chiropractic takes care that traditionally is performed in an office setting directly to patients. With a portable table and equipment, care has been provided

  • at homes and apartments
  • in offices
  • on work sites
  • in a firehouse
  • on an outdoor deck
  • various businesses 
With the availability of online scheduling, online forms, text messaging, Google maps and other technological advantages, we can make office visits a thing of the past. 
Location care alleviates the need for patients to change their schedule to accommodate the doctor's office by:
  • Utilizing an online scheduler so appointments can be made at any time.
  • Providing easy to complete online forms which can be completed on a phone quickly.
  • Offering appointments that allow for focused visits during hours that traditional offices do not offer ( evenings and weekends )
  • Eliminating the commute to the doctors office or from work to home to the doctor. 


New Patients:

A patient who has either never been seen or has not been seen by Dr. DeFries in the past 2 years.

The initial visit consists of a health history, physical evaluation and appropriate treatment. 

Existing Patients:
A patient who has been seen by Dr. DeFries in the last two years

Basic visit: These sessions are up to 15 minutes in duration and generally consist of chiropractic spinal manipulation and myofascial release or laser therapy.

Extended Visit:  These sessions are up to 30 minutes in duration and generally consist of any combination of services including spinal manipulation, myofascial therapy, laser  and rehabilitation services.


Multiple patients at same location

The fees listed above are for individuals and include a $30 location fee which applies only once per location per visit.

If multiple individuals seek care at the same location during the same visit, fees will be adjusted accordingly. 

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Care is provided within Delaware County PA.  All that is required is a space which can accomodate a table ( similar to a massage table ) and ideally access to an electrical outlet and seating.

Many patients choose to have the table set up in front of a sofa.

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