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How to schedule an appointment

Check Coverage Area

Currently location based care is only available at addresses located within Delaware County.
Please verify that the desired location falls within one of the zip codes in the coverage area.

Choose your appointment type

If you have never been a patient of Dr. DeFries or You have not been seen within the last two years, Select New Patient then Initial Visit: Mobile Care

If you were a patient within the last two years but this is your first time using Location Care please select Returning Patient 

  • If you have symptoms you feel will require multiple therapies such as muscle work and laser in addition to chiropractic adjustments, choose extended visit.
  • If you are seeking an adjustment only an adjustment choose basic visit

Current patients are those who have completed the updated Location Care forms.

  • Select Basic visit if you only require an adjustment or laser
  • Choose Extended visit if you are currently in a treatment plan which calls for multiple therapies or you have a new complaint. 

Select the day and time of your appointment

Select the day and time of your appointment.

Please allow thirty minutes before and after your selected time to account for traveling and traffic.

You will receive a text or call when arrival is expected to be within 15 minutes.

be sure to check out and complete any forms when asked or by clicking the link in your email confirmation.

How to book multiple people

If multiple people seek care at the same appointment location. Please book for each individual.

The $30 location fee which is applied once at each location per day if all parties are treated during that appointment.