Pure Wave Percussor Massager

I have been using a percussor in my chiropractic office since I began practice. As a chiropractor, part of the treatment I provide for patients is to reduce spasms and scar tissue. One of the greatest tools I have found to do this is a percussion massager. Percussion is different than vibration in that with percussion, the force is directed up and down and not side to side. This motion helps to break up trigger points, calm down muscle spasm and increase circulation. The percussor I have used is an Erchonia Percussor which is extremely effective but also very heavy and expensive.

Recently I have been introduced to the Pure Wave percussion massager and have found it to be not only effective in treating muscular conditions but also that it is affordable enough to offer to my patient so they may realize the same benefits at home.
There are several features that make the Pure Wave stand out:
  • It is cordless
  • There are several useful attachments such as the  massage stick attachment to apply Cryoderm myofacial cream during treatment.
  • The Pure Wave models are ranked first and second on Amazon for Best Sellers in Electric Massagers with each having receiving 4 stars or greater %90 of the time.
  • The long handle allows the user to reach difficult spots ( low back and rear shoulder)
  • The battery runs for 120 minutes after just a one hour charge.




Percussion Massage Motor

Vibration Massage Motor



Point Stick

Air-Cushion Stick

6-Head Stick

Body Oil Massage Stick

Scalp Massage Stick

Facial Massage Stick

1-Year Warranty


The Pure Wave model CM7 is available for only $125 and is available here at the office. This is the same price offered on Amazon but you get to try it out here!

Feel free to stop by and experience the Pure Wave percussion massager.