Start Here

The first step is to make an appointment!

This can be done by selecting one of the Book Online buttons on the site.

Online scheduling allows you, at your convenience, to pick a time that fits into your schedule without having to call. The available times are right on your screen.

The registration process is quick and once it is finished you can manage your appointments and even pay your balance from your computer or mobile device. Of course you are free to call to schedule your appointment also.

If you want to find out about if your insurance is accepted or about payment options you can CLICK HERE

Step two is to complete your intake forms .  You have several options:

  • Complete the forms online ( preferred)
  • Print paper forms, complete them and bring them to the office on your appointment
  • Complete the forms when you present for care.

​Once you schedule your appointment you will be emailed these options.

After all of the paperwork is completed you are all set to begin feeling better.

When you present for your first visit, please wear clothing that will allow inspection of the area of complaint as well as the neck, low back and feet. Additionally, please do not apply any lotions or creams to the areas to be treated as these will interfere with some treatment options.  

So that is how easy it is....