Dr. David DeFries

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Why We Hurt

The following is implied to be educational and not diagnostic. It is an ongoing series which will be updated frequently. 

Every part of our body exists for survival. We need oxygen, food and water and we need to be able to move in order to get these necessities and to protect ourselves. 
The simple act of clicking the button on your mouse requires an amazing amount of coordination. Even sitting still demands that millions of neurons fire correctly or you would fall forward.  Our nervous system is an amazingly complex system which, while being efficient, is not perfect. 

In order to understand why we hurt we must understand what happens when we don't. Our brain is running our body without much input from our conscious mind. Every second, millions of neurons are sending information back and forth to the brain without incident. 





In the illustration above, the head is tilted to the right while the rest of the body remains centered (A). The body tilts left in order to try to level out the head (B) which results in a lowering of the left shoulder, hip, knee and leg. (C) Since no great changes can be made in the thoracic region due to the ribs and organs, other adjustments must me made at the low back, pelvis, hips, knees, lower legs and feet.